Yeah sure, rob me, take over my house and lands, then humiliate me again and again and .. again. This will make me so peaceful! I'll come crawling to your table and beg you for some crumbs of 'peace'. This is a sociopaths' plan for getting their own way.

Kind of reminds me of poor George Floyd crying out 'I can't breathe SIR", to the monster with his knee nonchantly pressing the life out of him.

A weak analysis Lucy M. lacking evn a basic level of empathy and factual knowledge. For shame!

Is it simple ignorance or are you deliberately erasing all mention or any consideration of how the Western powers from the British with their Balfour Agreement, onwards, have betrayed and deceived the Palestinians?

As you thoughtlessly type to the sound of your complacently expressed ignorance, people are continuing to die horrible deaths in Palestine.

Shhh… so long as they crawl to the sociopaths’ table to ‘negotiate’.

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