What Happens When You Critique the Euro-American Empire…

You are speaking, or writing, analysing the unjust world order and trying to make sense as you uncover its centuries-old system of genocidal exploitation, (in the face of your own miseducation, amongst history books whose omissions compete with the delusions of the Nazi) and then a pinkish person, can rear their ugly head, to tell you, if you don’t like the West, why don’t you leave?

It’s always a pinkish person, who at the same time as saying there is no such thing as White power, (we live in a democracy, a meritocracy, don’t you know, there is freedom of expression, the rule of law , they might remind you ) and then they will, quite unaware of the irony, claim their heritage of White power and entitlement to declare, “If you don’t like it here, why don’t you go back to where you came from?” The response to my comment above was of this type.

I guess it must be painful for such people (as it is for anyone with a conscience) to face the ugly reality of the parasitic/predatory nature of White barbarism across the past five centuries, that continues to be perpetrated ALL across the globe. Clearly such people lack the courage to face painful truths, and so they numb and dumb down their senses to believe the most stupid of propaganda, such as Hollywood films and corporate-funded news, which is equivalent to expecting useful health advice from tobacco companies. Or we regress to fairy tales (presented as history) that we were told in our childhood about the ‘White man’s burden and black savages needing to be ‘civilised’. My life experience has shown me that the history books were composed of little but denial and projections, evasions, omissions and outright lies that bolster the self-image of Whites as a ‘civilising’ force precisely at the same time as they perpetrate the worst combinations of occupations and genocidal torture. Upon this smoke and mirrors structure, is their psyche built, and we, people of colour concomitantly are too often, persuaded to see ourselves as inferior, if we have been blessed with the ‘virtue’ of a Western style ‘education’.

To those who tell me to leave the West, I have to say, I tried. I worked in te UAe and in estern Europe. I supported an NGO that trained local people in Cambodia to make prosthetics for people having their limbs blown off as they try to work on their lands (another wonderful legacy of White Anglo-American power). They would rather stay in their own lands grow their food , than come to the West as refugees or ‘economic migrants’. I also spent time in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Pakistan. None of these places are free from historical and present day depredations by colonialsim and its present day mutations. There is nowhere to go, for the tentacles of the Western Empire are just about everywhere.

Why don’t you try doing a little research and check out how many military bases the USA/NATO have established on every continent of the planet? How about looking up how many leaders were tortured and assassinated by the secret Services of the Euro American Empire, if they refused to sell their nations’ natural resources for a song, during the 1950’s, 60’s 70’s 80' and well, shall we just say, right to the present -day? Take a look at this article:

Africa: a continent drenched in the blood of revolutionary heroes | Victoria Brittain | Global development | The Guardian

The article above describes the horrific torture, trickery and assassinations of elected leaders such as Patrice Lumumba of the Congo and many many other leaders who refused to sell out their nation for personal gain. It’s the old old story that the native Americans experienced, as the Whites invaded their lands, and broke treaty after treaty. “Comply with our demands, or die”!

So, having worked/volunteered/lived in Cambodia/UAE/Bulgaria and visited South Africa I can testify from personal experience that there is no escape from the tentacles of White power and its stooges. This is the Monster that has to be exposed and resisted if life on Planet Earth is to have a chance to survive.



I seek to empower thru the light of truthtelling stories, from the interweaving of the personal and the political, face down demons and empower the angelic.

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