This depth of analysis is rare to see! Forging connections with, and giving visibility to the analysis of other peoples’ suffering and ongoing resistance to the colonial/imperialist White Empire needs to be given much more visibility by Left movements, a fact very rarely asserted. The terrible reality is that, the truth has long been obscured by right- wing historians given full access to the school curricula, which brainwashes each generation to be oblivious to the continued White Terrorism, maintaining centuries of occupations.

The current outrages by Israel are only the latest events that reveal the usual attitude of arrogant entitlement to the lands and labour of people of colour, which defines white Supremacy in all its deceptive treachery.

All the rhetoric of being 'democracies', and standing up for 'human rights', at the very same time as they have continued to assassinate leaders of integrity in the 'Third World', and replaced them with the puppet dictatatorships who do their bidding is becoming increasingly apparent.

It's practically a full-time job to try to unpick the ways our consciousness is continuously manipulated through misinformation, into accepting the normality of the white Empire and its subjugation of People of Colour both within and outside of Europe and white 'settler' societies. But it is there that we see the biggest hypocrisy at play in plain sight. The token presence of politicans of colour (such as the nausea-inducing Priti Parmer) is used to disguise the truth of who is in charge and the many ways in which Black people are typically treated as 'less than'. The level of cognitive dissonance of white people in say, Australia, Canada and the USA, who control who can enter the lands they themselves invaded, when their grandparents and great-grandparents’ sought to escape poverty and war in Europe, is just mind-boggling...

Now, that modern technologies have put the means of global communication via social media, into the hands of citizens, we can see with our own eyes, uncensored truths about the brutalities, the wars and grinding poverty caused by White-Supremacist policies. We in the super-privileged West, are made witnesses to seeing how, People of Colour try to escape the consequences of the West's inventions of the tools of war and economic exploitation, they are held at borders created by the very people who took over those Indigenous lands.

These dynamics are most clearly visible in the Palestinian struggle.

White Zionist settlers use the cover of their religion - obviously a man-made mumbo jumbo, just like the other Abrahamic faiths, but they demand only their religion be acted upon and respected by everyone else. There is to be no reciprocity. Shooting Muslim worshippers inside the Al-Aqsa mosque is ok, according to them. In similar vein, is the White Europeans and their Pope-sanctified massacring of 'heathens', such as the native Americans, whose lands were stolen using the made-up nonsense of 'Manifest Destiny'in contrast to the Zionists’ made up myths of Israel, land of their forebears form 2,000 or so years ago.

So we see how, Zionists use their religious interpretation to justify taking over Palestinian lands and homes, just as the Manifest Destiny mouthing of Christians, achieved the same ends: erasure of Indigenous people's lives, identity and culture.

So yes, with Rebecca Ruth Gould, I say that standing up for Palestinians, is to stand against the continued rape and exploitation of the majority of humanity, which seems to be essential feature of White culture. This is what is meant by those who are calling for the abolition of Whiteness. The invention of 'Whiteness', coincides exacly with the rise of the Western Empire and its crimes against humanity on every continent of the world.

I’m an artistic writer who loves to use pen, paper, clay and computer to support self and societal health, empowering thru the light of truthtelling stories.