There are Some People Who Do Not Deserve One Minute of Our Precious Time on Earth!

Today I took 3 seconds to block someone on Medium

Aza Y. Alam
3 min readMay 24


Remain cool and balanced, as you block the negative forces around you! Photo by Monica Leonardi on Unsplash

Having a rule in place, saves a lot of time and mental energy.

After feeling repeatedly annoyed by those on Medium who have never written one article or poem themselves, yet who leave a one clap (slap) on something I have pored over and composed with the love of a mother sending her child on their first day to school, I finally made a rule.

No ifs and buts… I would use the block function on Medium, to stop such people having any access to my labours of love, research and carefully crafted analyses!

This morning, I just made another rule:

If someone leaves a comment that is absolutely ridiculous and attempts to mess entirely with the sense of the world as I know it, while showing no desire for actual dialogue — I will immediately … BLOCK THEM.

In response to Allison Wiltz ‘s article, ‘How Ignorance of the World Gave White People a Superiority Complex’, I left the following comment:

Another brilliant analysis that is shifting the deplorable status quo in which the people most wronged are further injured thorough the systematic deluge of falsehoods that passes for history in people of pallor’s hands.

I raise my hat off to you Allison, for the moral courage you show; a requirement so necessary to keeping digging up such buried truths.

This had received a satisfying 118 claps by the time I got notified of a comment left there. I clicked to read it. The profile pic showed a young white male, a Stephen something… and guess what he wanted to tell me:

‘There is no such thing as systemic racism’.

That was it. No ifs and buts from him. A rebuttal and attempted erasure of billions of people’s experience on a day to day basis, which writers of the calibre of say, Toni Morrison (Nobel prizewinner) Maya Angelou (her world famous autobiographies have become required reading on many literature courses, Alice Walker, of ‘The Colour Purple’fame… I mean, I could go on and on, about just the late 20th century, in which experiences of systemic racism have been shared across…



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