Thank you for such a thoughtful and considered meditation on the continuation of falsehoods upon which is fashined the White senses of superiority which is continuing to decimate lives all across the planet at even worse levels of destruction thatn occurred with the genocidal occupation of Turtle Island and the enforced migration of African peooples as 'slaves'. Shame on the blinkered excuses provided in the 2 comments below - Dave M. and Dave G. listen, nobody from the Indian subcontinet, or the African continent, Australasia, or Turtle Island, INVADED Europe, that cold, rat-infested, disease-ridden and violent continent, with 100 year wars amongst themselves... No wonder WHITES from Europe, the English leading them, along with the Spanish,French, Germans, Dutch parasites adn predators went around the entire planet, looting, raping massacring and then claiming others' land. I'd like to come and take over your house and kick you out, and make you work for me, to boot.