Oh ohhh ... still sucking up to white power and privilege? The German - Greek origins of these two super rich people, (immigrants who changed their names and got accepted, unlike Meghan Markle)shows but white power in action. Also, that they came to be filthy wealthy, benefitting off the stolen resources and labour of Black and Brown people, like your grandmother, is something you are just too 'polite' to mention...

It’s funny how everyone condemns those people who enter other’s homes to rob, and steal and murder, but do it ‘abroad’, with the backing of an army, and you become respectable heroes.

It pays to be compliant, to be polite, for who knows what benefits will come your way, when you serve the powerful? Clearly that’s your life lesson.

Shame you never cared enough to support the human rights of people of colour being massacred all around the 'Third World', but you want to give your condolences to the super-cosseted.

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