"Just keep creating",

I'll put that on the cover of my diary, I think.

: )

Reading about someone's integrity and capacity for love and loyalty is really kind of healing, kind of restoring faith in humanity...

.It took me an awfully long time to realise how I was being undermined and demeaned by my (White) partner, which is in stark contrast to you have defended your wife who originates from Peru.

For instance, after doing the research and then writing up his dissertation for him (he froze up and was on track to fail) he failed his teaching practice the following year. I persuaded my manager at the college where I taught, to let David repeat his teaching practice there. So he joined me in the English workshop.

There, a young white, male student came along and told me he needed to discuss his essay and then said, he wanted to be seen by 'the real teacher' ie David.

David was sitting beside me and did not correct or admonish the student that in fact, I was the qualified lecturer, and he was there, thanks to the support I'd given him.

When there are repeated patterns of such betrayal by people you have put your trust in, it's really hard to recover faith. hence reading your article aboutwalking away from the cousin who proved to be a Trump supporter was really really heart-warming.

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