I'm not whitewashing terrorism - you are. And you haven't answered the father's question but instead, throw in red herrings with your inside out logic… Honestly, that doesn’t work any more as people see through the pity ploys of Zionists to justify atrocity after atrocity.

Esssentially, you haven’t bothered to respond to the question of the father. Why did the Israeli military kill this 11 year old girl, or for example, the four boys playing football on the beach... I mean, there are so many examples, it's a bit mind-boggling.

As for Hamas, it has pea-shooters while Israel is funded by Amerikka to be the fourth largest military. in the world.

Wake up and smell the 73 year old shitty reasoning of zionists, they who are indistinguishable from the Nazis they rightfully condemn.

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