I'm glad you mentioned the Native Americans, mostly massacred , many hunted to extinction, in order for the waves of white immigrants from Europe to take over their fertile lands, multiply , create dustbowls, and pollute much of the earth in the name of progress and 'developemnt'.

You use the expression, 'if we continue to fight each other', as if everyone is gulyto f the same stupid, short-sighted and reckless behaviour but that is so FAR from the truth.

You are comitting to mention and therefore, covering up European expansionism and militarism over the past 400 or so years, which has been wreaking every kind of calamity, that is now culminating in climate catastrophe and ecological extinction.

By the way, did you know that the Dutch who invaded Indonesia, burnt every clove tree they could find, in order to secure profits from their plantations? Anyone native, growing a clove tree would be killed. Bet that wasn't in your history books at school, Peter van Velzen, just like the inumerable atrocities of the English were not in my history books in England - and they still are not, as my nephew at school tells me.

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