I'm from the U.K/Indian/Iranian family. I do research into th genocidal crimes of whites over the past four centuries... and delved into the of the USA.

As you know, the crimes of whites get very quickly erased while the survivors are too often, so traumatised , they cannot even talk about the violating/humiliating/terrorising actions of whites, to their children... thus the next generation are completely vulnerable to the manipulations from the white dominant media, schools etc, all trying to present whites as superior...

Please do write about Black Wall Street in Oklahoma. Remember our forebears were worked to death starved, kidnapped, beaten, and unti l very recently not allowed to read and write, or deprived of the time , energy and resources to do so. Therefore, it's our responsibility to bear witness, insofar as we can.

I’m an artistic writer who loves to use pen, paper, clay and computer to support self and societal health, empowering thru the light of truthtelling stories.