I think China should be admired for having the vision to restrict its population as it did - that has had a huge benefit to the world as a whole.

But have you noticed, whatever China does, it is criticised? One child policy ?

Collective WAIL from the Western Empire and its apologists..... what a terrible human rights infringement — in the name of ‘freedom’, people should have as many children as they like....

China shifts its policy....

Collective WAIL again... China 's growth in population is going to be a disaster now that it is permitting/encouraging people to have more than one child.

Somewhere in this article should have been some facts and figures about America's colossal, criminal level of consumerism, in comparisom to the size of its population, and that of China's.

Though the essense of your argument in the article is absolutely a sound one Alberto - that nations with a young population eg Arabic ones , should be allowed to legally move to where workers are needed, you just haven’t touched upon the levels of stupid racism and colossal levels of exploitation under White colonialism and theft of resources, that are largely responsible for the present crushing levels of inequality.

Let’s not overlook, that, for the Western populations to have consumed as they have been doing, for the previous century or so, much of the rest of the world has been placed in devastation and the earth itself, in jeopardy.

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