I had grandparents who arranged the marriage of my eldest sister and my parents went over and made no effort to check out th eguy or his family. They kind of bowed to the authority of my dad’s father. On first sight, (on the wedding day) my sister disliked the guy and went through thte ceremoney in shock… and then refused to go back to his family with him… long story short, it is just oo convenient for people to abdicate their responsibilities, and put a situation of their making, into the category of ‘kismet’, ‘karma’ or being ‘unlucky’. Those who put your sister in that situation along with anyone who actually cares about her, should be doing everything they can to get her out … not merely observing from the sidelines. That’s kind of diabolical.

At least you are being honest and saying you only wrote the story, ‘for your own good’.

I’m an artistic writer who loves to use pen, paper, clay and computer to support self and societal health, empowering thru the light of truthtelling stories.

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