I found it quite odd that the author of this article says, 'Sonnet Ehlers, a South African doctor',... why not address her as Dr Sonnet Ehlers?

My response to learning about this device several years ago, was to say, 'Bravo to Dr Sonnet Ehlers'

I am left wondering why the author, Sruthi Sundaram, doesn't address this doctor in the standard way that confers status and recognition, especially as her being a doctor is CENTRAL to the whole story of how she empathised with raped women she was seeing as part of her practice as a doctor... And she thought deeply and came up with a solution ! How radical and admirable is that! But not one word of respect or appreciation is forthcoming in this article

As women, it seems we really are bloody well throughly brainwashed to sympathise with our abusers, to such a degree that when we come across something wholly designed to protect us as women, we say 'I don't know what to feel', 'I'm shocked'. (One of the comments left by another reader).

Damn and triple damn! It's like as a class, we women are suffering from the Stockholm syndrome…

Look, this woman doctor went out on a limb, professionally speaking, she broke ranks, and mortgaged her house to develop this device, but too few women have the vision and wit to applaud her initiative and support her action.

We should be pushing for this device to be easily available, so our daughters have a choice, and can potentiall, be saved from the trauma that is so widespread that rape has become alomost normalised. As Sruthi rightly points our, it is always the raped woman's character that is under scrutiny — this device would go a long way, both towards protecting women, as a deterrent and enabling rapists to be easily caught.

Altogther, I found this a strange article, not really very well thought out... the author considers all the benefits, even the evidence that rapes went down in areas where men thought women had access to this device; yet she still sits on the fence about it's usefulness? Women do all manner of rediculous things to heighten their desirability to men, but give them something that could act as a deterrent to rape /catch their rapist and oh. my.... it's too much trouble !

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