Hi Savannah, I've read several of your articles in the past few days and think you really are exceptionally insightful.

People who want power over us, really hate that and then they try to undermine/demonise/create rifts, so that we become disorientated, and lose confidence... we start to silence ourselves... and then they, in direct proportion, start to feel better about themselves.

Don't let these nasty manipulations get to you. Keep writing and reaching out - we need to create community so we are affirmed in our perceptions by those with similar experiences and values.

Reflecting on all this, I've decided to write up and share my life lessons along this theme so others can see white women's betrayals as an essential component in the mind-boggling obfuscations and manipulatons that compose whilte domination.

All the best

I’m an artistic writer who loves to use pen, paper, clay and computer to support self and societal health, empowering thru the light of truthtelling stories.