Hi Rivka, it's really good that you have identified that the sourceof the 'prblems' is systemic failures that lie outside of the power of any one indivudual to address. One of the worst features of the neoliberal facism that is running the world, is the vry effective erasure of privileges that male domination the class system, misogynistic religions and values etc etc, enable some to have a problem-free life and they cannot 'see', the source of their easy successes is not so much their personal qualities but their positioning in the social structure. Once we who are subject to illicit power and systemic exploitation/marginalisation recognise that we are not as individuals, resoonsible for the hams heaped upon us, we can at least begin to reach out to like-minded people. We are social beings so i would encourage you to communicate, and build community. Even just three or four people who 'understand' is better than 100 false friends who do not. (As I have learnt!)

I’m an artistic writer who loves to use pen, paper, clay and computer to support self and societal health, empowering thru the light of truthtelling stories.

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