As a lone individal, taking on corporations and systems, you will get crushed, dismissed, killed... so ... I advocate building social movements that leverage for change.

Because yes, individually, we can recycle, have an electric car, turn off the tap when brushing our teeth, stop wasting food, etc etc... but such. acts are not anywhere near sufficient.

The Native Americans warned where the bottomless greed of the white invaders would take the world, and they even said, it would happen, '7 generations from now'.. (They predicted that the white hordes of immigrants massacring and taking over their lands, would eventually realise, they cannot eat gold'. In the next ten years, we will most likely start seeing food shortages ).

If in the UK, people should join 'Extinction Rebellion', and set up such direct action movements elsewhere.

Thank you for another though-provokiing article, Alberto.