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My Poem is Deemed Hate Speech by Some Editors…

Why Has My Poem Been Rejected? Photo by Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash

Since I have got active on Medium, the Illumination family of publications with Dr Yildiz at the helm, have invariably, within a few hours accepted and published my story or poem. To act so speedily is very impressive given how some publications take days or even a week or two to respond.

In fact, given that all the editors on Medium are contributing as volunteers, and obviously have work, their own writing to do and other responsibilities, taking a week to respond would be pretty good going. …

On Writing, To Give Voice to the Silenced

The brave and brilliant Egyptian medical doctor, writer and feminist activist Nawal El Saadawi passed away on Sunday, aged 89. What a life! What a great example of a human being!

From her youth, Nawal El Saadawi spoke out against women-harming traditions including FGB and the forced marriage of children. These were traditions so normalised in Egypt of the 1950’s, that questioning them was a taboo, unbroken for untold generations.

On qualifying as a doctor, El Saadawi used her knowledge base and experiences to empower women. She used her skills as a writer to campaign for children and women’s…

Elements for Life on Planet Earth; by Unnamed Artist from Sadh Guru’s Volunteers

For me, living in the U.K with reduced hours work hours, no need to commute anywhere; with all social obligations as a ‘caring-giving, sharing responsible’ woman, more or less excused, the Covid 19 situation became a wonderful -though sometimes very painful, opportunity for reflection and self healing.

Years and years of pent-up tension, physical and emotional exhaustion surfaced as I gave myself permission to sleep in, often way after lunch time. For a reason that I will go into later on, I ate little, did some yogic stretches and took great pleasure (morning, noon and night) in reading books that…

What to do When You Happily Give an Inch and Then They Want a Mile!

Stop People Encroaching Uninvited into Your Time. Because, Time Equals Your Limited Life! Photo by Victoriano Izquierdo on Unsplash

Though I’ve stopped working as a teacher of English and as an editor for about a year now, that habit of being meticulous won’t leave me! My editorial work concerned texts for learners of English and so, I still can’t stop seeing little typos springing out at me as I’m reading articles on Medium. Sigh…

Sometimes, I’ll leave a private message for the writer with a suggestion for a correction. My reasoning is, if I made a mistake, (which I do, I mean, who doesn’t) I hope someone will point it out to me. …

What is the Point of Wringing your Hands and Repeating the ‘Civilisation is Dying’, Wail?

I didn’t expect to feel dragged down emotionally after logging onto Medium. But there’s just article after article, so many writers in so many Publications, focussing almost exclusively on America and endlessly analysing and commenting on the problems of that one society.

Perhaps one of the commentators most obsessed with America is umair haque . Honestly, his recent writing should be accompanied with a warning concerning anyone with anxiety issues.

Even if you had no such vulnerability before, after reading just this week’s offerings by him, you are likely to start biting your nails, develop a twitch, or go hide…

Making sense of Western propaganda: David and Goliath struggles, from Cuba to Palestine

False Narratives Like Poisonous Dyed Flowers (Photo by Urel Landetne on Unsplash)

I had a feeling I shouldn’t click on the article How Fidel Castro Survived 638 Assassination Attempts, but I confess, the title drew me in. I was like a poor bee getting lost in a half-dead, dyed floral arrangement. Desiring to find a bouquet of nectar-filled flowers from the fields of human knowledge, I found instead, that my senses were being assaulted by factory-formulated scents from the nearby plug-in diffuser — the propaganda-machine of the world’s greediest, all-consuming Empire.

While many of the articles by the author Andrei Tapalaga ✒️ are fascinating, I’ve also felt frustrated at the repetition of…

The euphemism, 'exploration', has always been used as a fig leaf to cover the crimes of the invading hordes of European barbarians who have stripped the lands they invaded of precious metals, then proceeded to poison it, all the while continuing their genocidal actions all across the world.

On Introducing Texts That are Relevant for So-Called Reluctant Readers (usually the Systemically Oppressed Students)

Author’s Photo: Journey to School in the UAE

Waiting for camels to amble across the road before I could continue my journey to school was a novel experience indeed. Yes, my first appointment working outside of the U.K was a challenge on many fronts. But wandering camels was the least of my troubles.

I don’t speak Arabic. So I was relying on the Bedouin teacher’s capabilities in English to communicate with them, as their teacher trainer. This itself made me uncomfortable. I began to realise there was a kind of violence in my being given this supervisory position as their teacher trainer. There were a range of complex…

Azadehruh Alam

I’m an artistic writer who loves to use pen, paper, clay and computer to support self and societal health, empowering thru the light of truthtelling stories.

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