Invitation to a healthy debate

My Poem is Deemed Hate Speech by Some Editors…

Why Has My Poem Been Rejected? Photo by Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash

Since I have got active on Medium, the Illumination family of publications with Dr Yildiz at the helm, have invariably, within a few hours accepted and published my story or poem. …

The Child’s Elemental Light. Photo by Azadehruh

On Writing, To Give Voice to the Silenced

The brave and brilliant Egyptian medical doctor, writer and feminist activist Nawal El Saadawi passed away on Sunday, aged 89. What a life! What a great example of a human being!

From her youth, Nawal El Saadawi spoke out against women-harming traditions including FGB and the forced marriage of…

Elements for Life on Planet Earth; by Unnamed Artist from Sadh Guru’s Volunteers

For me, living in the U.K with reduced hours work hours, no need to commute anywhere; with all social obligations as a ‘caring-giving, sharing responsible’ woman, more or less excused, the Covid 19 situation became a wonderful -though sometimes very painful, opportunity for reflection and self healing.

Years and years…

Yes, indeed, most of the woes of the world, the millions murdered in recent times, the occupations and coups of dozens of nations orchestrated by the Anglo-American empire, the genocidal acts of Europeans acosss the five centuries of their dominance, merits mention and correct attribution. of responsibility. Crypto currencies, as the author so brilliantly presents, is another facet of the White propensity to laziness and making profits without contributing anything of worth and value.

I think you need to correct yourself and say police in both the UK and the USA, don't kill white people unless they present a clear and present danger. With black people it's another story ... With respect, as a writer you really need to think about how the consequences of your omission of truth, helping to gaslight the experiences of people of colour.

Flash fiction that inspires resistance

Photo by Steve Douglas on Unsplash

On the scale of harms done and lives lost in those days of burnings and beheadings, when dissidents were getting hung, drawn, and quartered, on city gates and church walls, to cause someone a mere itch is surely a sign of benign genius! …

I'm so grateful of how you are showering your readers with your hard won wisdom.

Thank you fo ryour generous words of encouragement.It seems that a lot of people on Medium come here to make money, gain acclaim/followers, but for me, it'sabout reaching out and making contact and evolving through sharing analysis and experiences that is really fulfilling the underlying purpose of both communication and community.

Azadehruh Alam

I’m an artistic writer who loves to use pen, paper, clay and computer to support self and societal health, empowering thru the light of truthtelling stories.

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